Greatness is Birthed by the Goodness In You

There are leaders who do good, Great and make a lasting impact on the world while leaving an enduring legacy that will inspire generations to come … and there are those who do not. What sets them apart?

In Do Good, Be Great: Discovering the Keys to Unlocking the Greatness in You, leadership authority Scott George, author of the powerfully inspiring books Living Beyond Ordinary: Discovering Authentic Significance and Purpose, Doing Good, Great: 11 Secrets to Living Beyond Ordinary, and GPS: Guiding Principles for Success, explores the lives of renowned international leaders and reveals eleven key qualities and practices that make them great. You will discover life-changing truths and principles from great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, and many others who achieved greatness by doing good, Great.

This wonderful book will not only inspire you and motivate you to live a life of goodness, but it will challenge you to apply the secrets that can change you, impact others and make you great. If you’re content with average, status quo and vanilla living, this book isn’t for you; but if you desire to learn from the world’s great leaders and allow their stories of kindness, compassion and inspiration to give you the fuel you need to move forward and make our world better, this book will stir up the goodness in you so that greatness can come alive in you and change our world.

Pat Williams > Orlando Magic Senior Vice President