You have a check mark next to your name. The check mark is believed to have been created during the Roman Empire. “V” was used to shorten the word “Veritas” meaning true, chosen, or correct.

Like the ancient hero, Tabitha, it’s true that you have been chosen and verified to do good works. This exciting book will inspire you to celebrate a life that is purposed, directed and focused on making a difference in this world.

To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.


It doesn’t matter how famous or rich you are; chances are, you only get one sentence to describe and define your life. When people in future generations Google your name to research you, and you only have one sentence…

What will your sentence be? How will people define you? What will your legacy be? A great father, husband, businessman? A nice mother, wife, community organizer? A wonderful man, woman, friend?